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Momma Nonni Cooks is a family business. I LOVE to cook!
It’s my passion and my “Happy Place.”
Our FOCUS is to bless others with our cakes.
Our hope is to inspire our customers to be more GRATEFUL.
To be GRATEFUL to their customers, friends, and family.
We know yummy desserts create family memories and show others our love.
Our menu is full of favorite family recipes from childhood to now.
Made From Scratch – just like I was taught.
You can taste LOVE and FAMILY in every bite!

Momma Nonni Cooks Momma Nonni and Blessings

Many have asked, “Why Momma Nonni?”
The inside scoop is this… once my three blessings were born,
I had to find a name I wanted to be called moving forward.
After much deliberation, I settled on “Momma Lori.”
As fate would have it, “Lori” proved to be difficult for them to pronounce.
So somewhere between Blessing #1 and Blessing #2,
they began saying, “Momma Nonni.”
Let’s be honest, as we grandmother types know,
it doesn’t matter what we’re called as long as our little blessings call us.
So, we owe our company name to our three blessings:
Tripp, Grace, and Maggie.