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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use any preservatives in your cake?
Momma Nonni Cakes are made from scratch with fresh eggs and butter.  We do not use any preservatives.

Do you have any gluten or sugar free cakes?
No, we don’t.  We think everything tastes better with gluten and sugar!

Do you decorate your cakes?
No, we do not do any type of special decorations.  We bake fresh everyday!

What’s your most popular cake?
Our customers find it hard to choose just one.

Can I order by phone?
Yes, that’s our preference.  We like to speak directly with you to ensure your order is correct.

How far in advance do I need to order?
Because we bake fresh every morning, we require a 24 hour window to prepare.

Are there delivery fees?
The price includes delivery within Collin County.  Outside of Collin County an additional charge will apply.

Where is your store?
We are a cottage bakery, at this time we do not have a storefront. We use a commercial kitchen for our baking.

How long do your cakes last?
Our cakes are best served at room temperature.  Since our cakes have no preservatives, our desire is they be consumed 24-36 hours after coming out of the oven.

How should I store a cake overnight?
We recommend they be refrigerated.  Please remove from refrigerator 4-6 hours prior to serving.

*Food Allergen Note:
Our cakes contain wheat, milk, eggs, and nuts (in our Hummingbird and Italian Cream Cakes).
Cakes are not baked in a Nut Free Kitchen.